“what you were will not happen again. the tigers have found me and I do not care.” ― Charles Bukowski


12th Aug 2022, 10:53 AM in Chapter 5 Terror TIme
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DiggityDogDingo 12th Aug 2022, 10:53 AM edit delete
Lots of good news today!

First things first, surgery went well! I'm up and about and healing just fine. Was able to return to my sports so I'll take that as a good sign.

Secondly, if you follow me on Patreon you already know the next bit of good news...

Project-R.O.A.R got accepted to Spiderforest!

What does this mean?

1.) We'll still be maintaining our hosting here and on webtoons... HOWEVER Spiderforest is providing us additional space to host, and that website will be a week ahead of all my other mirrors. Patreon will in turn will be TWO weeks ahead for black and white versions.

2.) I'm treating this as an opportunity to do a soft relaunch. You may have noticed that our icon changed which will now be the official Logo of project roar going forward.

3.) Project R.O.A.R will be just "R.O.A.R" going forward. It's been on my mind a while, but the "Project" was starting to feel redundant and it always gets shortened to "ROAR" in conversations anyway.

More to come, but for now I'm going to scamper off to work on next weeks page, and also figure out how to code the new site! (ADVENTURE)